Friday, August 4, 2017

The Late-night Guys Quote the President

by Jim Rapp

the late-night guys have
got Trump pegged – he has built the
scaffold where he'll swing

every tweet, every
speech secures his fate as he
nightly does his thing

five nights of every
seven his feces-laden
lies they 'gurgitate

and if not Trump's then
Scaramucci mini-Trump's
they excoriate

the critics of the
late-night comedians can
hardly take offence

the salty language
they employ was first deployed
by the President

and not on late night
shows, but before our youth at
Boy Scout Jamborees

in sacred spaces
before men of the cloth – with
mega-ministries –

by invitation
no less – they volunteered to
anoint him as "king"

with solemn laying-
on-of- hands imputing their
god's care and blessing

giving cover to
inequity – excusing
gross iniquity

have at him late-night
guys – QUOTE 'til he chokes on his
words – QUOTE ceaselessly

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