Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Looking for Ezer-kin

by Jim Rapp

Lord, help me see past hypocrisy
to the fifteen percent.
Fifteen may be too high, actually
if we cut to the renascent –
the "born again" –  who probably
are roughly reminiscent
of the percent who stood faithfully
as your body was rent.

In "Christian America" we've come
to believe a lie,
that saying makes it true, so some
make the claim, "I
am evangelical," offering only a crumb
of proof to signify
that they march to Jesus' drum
or hold his banner high.

The media makes the claim,
based on exit polls,
that eighty-five percent who name
you Lord, told
reporters they voted for this profane –
insane – old
man, clamoring for fame,
grasping for gold.

Straight the gate, you said,
and narrow the way,
and few are they who choose to thread
that narrow gate.
No, the eighty-five percent who tread
the broad highway
share no cup, break no bread
with the Truth, the Life, The Way.

I'm seeking for Ezers, Lord,
looking for kin –
desperate for followers of your Word,
haters of sin,
despising the lies they've heard
again and again,
daring to stand out from the herd –
I'm looking for Ezer-kin.
Ezer: Hebrew for helper, comrade,

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