Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Tiki Torch Parade: An Ode to the Charlottesville Cowards

by Jim Rapp

Men love darkness because their deeds are evil,
but evil men fear darkness because they know
the evil deeds, sown in secret, some dark night will
overtake them, and result in their own overthrow.

So their nights they light with torches to dispel
their fright and, by empeopling a pompous charade
of menacing lights, their fears they hope to depeople;
cowards marching in a Tiki Torch Parade.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

the house divided against itself

(Haiku Form)
by Jim Rapp

if you can speak your
mind without fear of losing
a cherished friendship

it is pretty sure
that you are living somewhere
besides America

it has never been
otherwise in this land of
nearly countless wars

rare has been the day
in which no guns were fired in
attack or defense

wars indigenous
wars of words and violence
brother-bleeding wars

political wars
racial wars, religious wars
industrial wars

wars in families
wars between the states, wars in
the halls of Congress

"The United States":
sad relic of a past that
never came to be

Thursday, August 10, 2017


by Jim Rapp

A while with God
is as a thousand whiles,
and a thousand whiles
as merely one.

a while is indeterminate –
a century stained with the
carnage of war or a decade
remembered for peace

an instant poised at the height
of a roller coaster
seventy-five years married
to the same spouse

in seven whiles God created
a world and filled each with
with all manner of things
that he declared good

a mortal while we're told
averages three score whiles
and ten – too few to while
on frivolous pursuits

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Million Photo POTUS Shoot

by Jim Rapp

A million and a half photos of one man
seemed a little excessive
until I remembered that when using my cam
in ways quite aggressive,
snapping gold flowers (I'm a gold flower fan),
I too got a little obsessive.

I'll buy Pete Souza's book just as soon as I can;
and display it with genuine pride
alongside Michelle's photo-book; that is my plan.
Now I know it sounds snide
but I'll opine that pics of the new POTUS man
won't draw a dollar out of my cowhide.
Pete Souza, the official White House photographer
during Barack Obama's eight years in office is
publishing, Obama: An Intimate Portrait, a 300+
picture record of Obama's tenure as President.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Looking for Ezer-kin

by Jim Rapp

Lord, help me see past hypocrisy
to the fifteen percent.
Fifteen may be too high, actually
if we cut to the renascent –
the "born again" –  who probably
are roughly reminiscent
of the percent who stood faithfully
as your body was rent.

In "Christian America" we've come
to believe a lie,
that saying makes it true, so some
make the claim, "I
am evangelical," offering only a crumb
of proof to signify
that they march to Jesus' drum
or hold his banner high.

The media makes the claim,
based on exit polls,
that eighty-five percent who name
you Lord, told
reporters they voted for this profane –
insane – old
man, clamoring for fame,
grasping for gold.

Straight the gate, you said,
and narrow the way,
and few are they who choose to thread
that narrow gate.
No, the eighty-five percent who tread
the broad highway
share no cup, break no bread
with the Truth, the Life, The Way.

I'm seeking for Ezers, Lord,
looking for kin –
desperate for followers of your Word,
haters of sin,
despising the lies they've heard
again and again,
daring to stand out from the herd –
I'm looking for Ezer-kin.
Ezer: Hebrew for helper, comrade,

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Late-night Guys Quote the President

by Jim Rapp

the late-night guys have
got Trump pegged – he has built the
scaffold where he'll swing

every tweet, every
speech secures his fate as he
nightly does his thing

five nights of every
seven his feces-laden
lies they 'gurgitate

and if not Trump's then
Scaramucci mini-Trump's
they excoriate

the critics of the
late-night comedians can
hardly take offence

the salty language
they employ was first deployed
by the President

and not on late night
shows, but before our youth at
Boy Scout Jamborees

in sacred spaces
before men of the cloth – with
mega-ministries –

by invitation
no less – they volunteered to
anoint him as "king"

with solemn laying-
on-of- hands imputing their
god's care and blessing

giving cover to
inequity – excusing
gross iniquity

have at him late-night
guys – QUOTE 'til he chokes on his
words – QUOTE ceaselessly