Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Eldila Are Back

by Jim Rapp

With no sun-facing windows
I've been bereft
of eldilas – rainbow shadows –
splashing right and left.

But my new third-floor abode
catches sunbeams
in my tear-shaped crystal globe
emitting a stream

of dancing reminders that
I'm not alone;
that my room is in fact
an eldil zone.

Goodness is all around
all the time;
it often makes no sound
rings no chime,

but God hangs his prisms
so that they
reveal His omnipresence
in a way

a seeking heart can know;
by splitting light
into a dozen rainbows
His crystallites

remind us, day by day,
from start to end,
When one or two have come to pray,
His love attends.

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