Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Word From the Fearful to the Trusting

by Jim Rapp
(Haiku Form)

Questions from adam anthropos
            to the inarticulate

Robins, heads bobbing
above the tall grass, seeking
grubs; do you not fear?

Squirrels, are you not
aware as you frisk and tear
paths from tree to tree?

Clouds, nonchalant and
unconcerned, are you mindless
of perils below?

Lilies, committing
your young to a distressed world,
are you not fearful?

Forests, why are you
bearing spring leaves; to mask a
world gone awry?

Sun, you surely are
incensed when dark returns each
time you turn your back?

A warning from adam anthropos.

Robins and squirrels,
clouds, lilies, forests and sun;
all give heed to this:

The world is hostile.
Your indifference will not
guard – will not save you.

All creation is
under attack, you and all
the things you value.

Mankind, your ordained
protector, has been beguiled
by the enemy,

no one is left to
stand for you save a remnant
without strength or hope.

And still you stand dumb,
day after day, as though no
threat of danger looms.

A word from the Maker

Adam Anthropos,
There are lessons that robins
at work can teach you;

Lessons the lilies,
pushing their way through stubborn
sod, want to show you;

Lessons the sun on
its faithful, assured rounds can
illustrate for you.

Robins and squirrels,
clouds, lilies, forests and sun
all give heed to this:

"Take no thought for the
morrow; for the morrow is
in the Maker's hands."

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