Tuesday, April 11, 2017

In Memory of A Friend

Mark died Saturday – cancer-worn at last,
but not before he blessed the world with
wisdom and wit in song, and friendship fast.
I will celebrate his friendship; I've a list
too long for verse, of memories past;
long talks while driving after work, and this:
a picture of Lake Martha with shadows cast
by shoreline trees and, from above, cloudy wisps.

It was a gift for my retirement and, before
we moved, it hung in easy daily sight;
I'll return it to its place and thus restore
the memories: choir concerts, laughter light;
the favors and his generosity to me – to all:
students, friends and, no less, the O-F staff.
But really, it’s music-with-a-wink that we'll recall;
guitar and banjo tunes, some wise, some daff.

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