Monday, February 27, 2017

February Yielding to March

by Jim Rapp

It is hard to know what wind-blown March will bring;
it has been known, some years, to bring a sudden snow,
or other times, a sea of mud that swallows anything
that thinks that it can navigate its murky flow.

But March can bring a welcome breeze to loft a kite,
delighting eyes of children standing down below –
paying out their cords, foot by foot – until Wind's might
o're powers the children's grip and lets their treasures go. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fact Check It, Dummy!

by Jim Rapp

Shrewd politicians check it out;
knowing they are not the only crooks,
they're certainly not about
to let a shyster cook their books.

Smart consumers check it out:
past disappointments demand
scrutiny of those who spout
their righteousness to push their brand.

Your banker checks it out;
your credit, savings, cash on hand
determine if you'll make the cut
for a tiny loan or several grand.

So, why don't you check it out;
before you hit the Forward key
ask, "Do I know beyond a doubt?"
If not then check it out, Dummy!

"You shall not repeat false witness,"
the ancient Hebrew/Christian law decrees;
your unconfirmed FORWARDness
makes you complicit in iniquities.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Be The Wind

(A haiku)
by Jim Rapp

At best intended
to ride the wind; instead she
thought to be the wind.

Monday, February 6, 2017

The Lech Who Became President

by Jim Rapp

When the lech became the President
we soon forgot his lecherous fame.
He set about deleting damning antecedents
by committing new atrocities to hide his shame.

But true patriots must never forget
a single word or deed dishonorable,
spoken or done in spite or hissy fit,
that marks him as a man, deplorable.

Opponents view him with complete contempt;
supporters, smiling, excuse him as adorable –
a clown with hair a mess, and tongue unkempt.
Beware . . . the clown is dangerously deplorable.