Saturday, November 26, 2016

Slouching to Armageddon?

by Jim Rapp

Slouching, stumbling or
groping; it really mattered
zero to not at all,

for, to the end, more
and more intolerants chattered
Gog and Magog's call.

"Slam the nation's doors,
we will not truck with tattered
strangers  - BUILD THE WALL!"

Emanuel, or
God with us, himself a scattered
one, once spoke for all.

"I stand before your door;
in the person of shattered
humanity, I call."

The walls rose more
precipitous when battered
by the Savior's call.

Stopping their ears – or
closing their hearts – they shuttered
Him outside their wall.

"You're a fool's god! More,
what fool would heed the call you've uttered?
Our god bellows, 'BUILD A WALL!'"

So blow, Trumpet, roar!
Christ, smash their walls and enter,
tattered ones and all.

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