Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Eighty and Counting (on More)

by Jim Rapp

Eighty is what I’ve got.
I know a lady who’s got
one hundred and seven,
another who’s got
one hundred of them,
and a flock of others
who’ve collected
ninety or more.

We never get too many;
like billionaires, unable
to turn away another dollar,
we find a purpose for
one more, and then
another, until we’ve
gotten more than our
creaking frames can bear,
and still we end each year
planning what we’d do
if given another.

The least we can do
is receive each gift
with thankfulness
to the Giver of years;
to restrict our complaints;
to find some good in the
world we daily hope
to be a part of.

Least of all, let us not
spoil the fun for those
who run upon the hills
that once trembled under
the gait of our insistence.

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