Saturday, June 25, 2016


(That which denies Christ)
by Jim Rapp
Haiku Format

The surest road to
heaven runs right straight through the
RNC, no lie.

Dr. James Dobson
knows the person who led Mr.
Trump to faith in Christ.

He’s not telling us,
of course; Trump truths stand on their
own; no proof needed.

It has long been a
fact that all Republican
nominees “know Christ.”

The Donald is now
“a babe in Christ,” says Dobson;
we must cut him slack;

even the great Paul
times, until he learned to

talk like a Christian.
So Dobson believes – or wants
the rest of us to.

plug your ears while Trump learns to
talk like a Christian.

breathe a sigh, while cutting a
Paul-sized chunk of slack.

Paul, who opened his
arms to male and female, to
Gentile and Jew.

Paul who preached that the
Gospel destroyed barriers,
not constructed walls.

A majority
of Evangelicals now
follow Mr. Trump;

that should signal to
followers of Christ it is
time to follow Christ.

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