Monday, May 2, 2016

Wandering: We’re Not There Yet

by Jim Rapp

The pastor said we all are wanderers.
Even the most disciplined among us,
distracted, become at times, ditherers,
but most can’t even follow a compass.

Satellites and news networks make us eye-
witnesses to the wanderings of our race;
the paths well taken would seem to justify
the Psalmist’s optimistic pride of place:

“A little lower than the angels,” he
blithely declared our fallen race to be.
But did he not know the twisted paths, the
misery, we walk by uncaringly?

A little lower than the angels, huh?
Such hopeful words; just one small step for man.
Despair not, oh Man, it’s just one step up
to angel-heights – reach out . . .
            you’ll need a helping hand.

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