Thursday, May 19, 2016

Snake Oil 2016

(Haiku Format)
by Jim Rapp

Snake oil. Get yours now.
If you know it’s genuine
oil from snakes, buy it.

It may not cure what
the shysters claim it will but
you’ll have real snake oil.

The Internet has
so debased the real McCoy
that snakes are blushing,

rushing to their holes,
brushing oily tears as they
plot their Snakes’ Revenge.

There was a time when
a good snake oil salesman left
town tarred and feathered,

honored in a sort
of way, and well paid for the
wares he peddled.

These Internet fakes
are beyond the clutches of
their angry victims.

Even federal
enforcers can’t tar them or
put them behind bars.

It’s every victim
for himself; your tar brush is
the delete button.

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