Monday, April 18, 2016

The Mold Council of America

(A set of Silly Haikus)
by Jim Rapp

 “Mold won’t harm you:” from
a study, funded by the
U.S. Mold Council.

“Real bitches don’t eat
table scraps:” The Council of
Ravinous She Wolves.

“What you see is real:”
The T.V. News Producers,
of America.

“The cops are your friends:”
Brotherhood of Hollywood
Cop Show Producers.

“Guns don’t Kill. He, He.”
from the National Rifle

“Fagots, God Hates You!”
Westboro Baptist Church – with
quiescent amens.

“Mankind, God Loves You!”
The True Church of Jesus Christ –
with timid amens


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