Saturday, April 2, 2016

Kevin’s Office, And Mine

by Jim Rapp

I just read an NYT piece
depicting Kevin Young’s office;
photos mainly, intent to tease
the reader’s inquisitiveness.

Everyone likes to peek back
into a hideaway; a way
to ascertain through artifact
seen, what mere words refuse to say.

I described, a few years back, my
office/bedroom/den before I
moved to Valhalla – Eastridge, I
should say – where now I make sparks fly.

On an anvil of flinty brain,
I shape, unseen, among the stuff
an NYT photog could aim
his lens at: jewels . . . ’mongst the dust.

NYT piece; “A Writer’s Room: Kevin Young”,
            The New York Times Style Magazine,
            April 1, 2016, Online
Kevin Young; an Atlanta Poet

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