Thursday, October 8, 2015

Leading by Quitting

by Jim Rapp

Governor Walker hears from God,
God instructed him to run for president,
But when he failed to get the nod,
God said that he should set a new precedent.

God spoke to him through the pastor’s sermon
Telling him he should “Lead another way;”
That he ought to  “Lead by quitting” anon;
Urging others to follow his foray.

And so, Speaker Boehner, fresh from
An audience with Pope Francis declared
He would lead by quitting quite soon;
Inspired by his encounter, it appeared.

And today majority leader McCarthy,
The avowed favorite to follow Mr. Boehner,
Withdrew from the Speaker’s race, at least partly,
It seems, to lead by quitting, a la Scott Walker.

Could we hope that this is a trend;
That all our non-leaders would hear from God
A call so clear that, in the end,
They’d lead by quitting, for the common good?  

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