Saturday, February 7, 2015

Three Boys and a Homemade Football

by Jim Rapp

Three boys and a homemade football;
a bicycle tire folded back and forth,
tied with a cord;
you’d better catch it clean
or your hands will pay a price

Three boys and a homemade football;
it’s against the folk’s religion
to go three blocks
to watch the local baseball team
play on Sunday afternoon

Three boys and a homemade football;
grinding out play after play;
no opposition
until the Burns boys
come out to play

Six boys and a homemade football;
street warriors playing on
dirt, then gravel,
then tar, and finally
the big time – blacktop

Six boys and a homemade football
called to the sidelines
to hear the news:
the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor;
gonna need some boys

Four boys and a store-bought football
veteran stars of the Road Bowl;
drop back pass
throw the bomb to Nagasaki –
touchdown – game over

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