Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Day of Prayer

I have committed to praying on the 10th of each month for a young friend who is serving as a campus missionary in a European city. Today, after the release of the Senate report on the horrendous torture techniques employed by our government against terror suspects, I am especially aware of the need to pray for her and for all other Americans whose lives have been put in jeopardy by the (necessary) release of that information. 

The report reveals the extent to which our nation abandoned the rule of law and the moral commitments which we have so loudly proclaimed in our fight against Islamic terrorists. Sadly we – and we must recognize that the actions of our government reflect on all of us – have committed crimes little different in moral character than those of our enemies. 

And so on this December 10th, 2014 I pray not only for the safety of my young friend, but for that of all those made vulnerable by the evil actions taken by our government and now made known to the world. And I pray for those against whom those actions were taken, those we call our enemies. I pray that evil – the evil our enemies are perpetrating in the Middle East and around the world, and the evil practiced against our enemies in the name of Christian righteousness – will be defeated; overcome by righteousness.  

And specifically I pray that the spirit of Babylon, which permeates our nation no less than the rest of the world, will be seen for what it truly is – the spirit of anti-Christ – and that those who claim to be the servants of Christ will distinguish themselves by speaking against this present evil and by raising their voices in the service of peace and reconciliation in our broken world. 

The Fine Line
by Jim Rapp

Where is the line;
the border between
rotting Babylon
and New Jerusalem? 

Line seeking is
an admission
that the line has
already been crossed. 

Line seekers
implicitly declare
which side they
have chosen; 

They seek, not
to be on the
right side, but to
appear to be there; 

Evil never owns
its given name –
Babylon calls itself
“New Jerusalem.” 

America, come out
of rotting  Babylon
so that you will not
share in her sins; 

Line seekers, come
clean away from
Babylon – touch not
its unclean ways.

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