Saturday, October 25, 2014

We’re (Not) Using Our Heads

by Jim Rapp 

Batters “beaned” by the ball,
Pitcher’s felled by line drives,
Outfielders ramming the walls
Diving and risking their lives
Catcher and runner lie sprawled
Fans dancing and giving “high-fives” 

Old “stars” wheeled through the halls
Arranged in neat rows by sixes and fives
Watch the images move on “walls”
Observe bleakly with half-knowing eyes;
By now it should be obvious to all –
They got here by (not) using their head, guys! 

Someday our Tiddlywink teams,
Resourcefully using their heads,
Will make their game more “extreme”
By skull-banging the puck instead
So their widows can pitifully keen,
“He got Alzheimer’s by (not) using his head.”

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