Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Prophet in the Wilderness – Marilynne Robinson

by Jim Rapp
Meanwhile, the messenger who had gone off to
summon Micaiah advised him, "Look, everything
that the other prophets were saying was unanimously
favorable to the king. So please, cooperate with them
and speak favorably." 
            (1Ki 22:13 International Standard Version)

So should the prophet speak according to her lights
or according to the “lights” of those,
who, fearing controversy – to avoid a fight –
silence those who know, and know they know?

Micaiah spent some time on stale bread and water
for sharing with king Ahab  his lights.
Though coached in advance – told the words he should utter –
he laid out the hard truth in plain sight.

All should read a book by Marilynne Robinson:
The Death of Adam; a strong critique
of Darwinian thought, 1 a prophet’s orison,
a prayer that Adam will come awake,

shake off the spell that Darwinian prophets cast,
a God defying, God denying,
death-dealing doctrine of survival of the best
which rapes the earth and leaves it dying.

With poetic power the prophet loudly cries.
Four hundred hundred, her words defy,
who dance and pipe the “established truth”, Satan’s lie:
“Eat this fruit; it will not make you die.”
1Robinson does not deny scientific evolution, nor
does she subscribe to a young earth theory. But
she sees as pernicious – even fatal to the human
race – the social, political, and environmental
uses of the doctrine of survival of the fittest.

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