Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Human Malady

by Jim Rapp

Desiring what isn’t paid for
may be the second “root of all evil”;
 “love of money” being nothing more
than a new name for “civil”.

Begging for a handout isn’t just a fault
of those with nothing they can pay;
as often, those with bulging vaults
are raking unearned pelf their way.

The over-charging lawyer; the underpaying pimp
really play the same game;
The million dollar “ministry”; the town skimp –
Just twins, with a different name.

A tax exemption or a disability allotment –
each a good (or bad) public policy –
is nonetheless an unpaid “got-ment”,
compliments of a taxpaying citizenry.

The rich begrudge a bowl of porridge,
the poor resent a life of ease,
unwilling, each, to bridge
the gulf of mutual oblige.

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