Sunday, July 27, 2014


by Jim Rapp

no connection to
the mighty,
the well known,
the respected,
the wealthy

only twice perhaps
in the home
of a leader
and then to be
scrutinized, criticized

hung out with
tax collectors,
law breakers,
and malefactors


seeks position
on earth –
as in heaven –
as King of Kings;
Lord of  Lords

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What Is The Cost of a Burger?

by Jim Rapp

Mr. Bitman of the NYT
and his intern David Prentice
are trying to make us see
the cost of burger in practice.

“Price is not cost,” says Bitman,
as any sensible eater can see.
Price, is a mere trifle, a sham;
is to cost as puddle to sea.

Price is the cost that the eater,
thoughtlessly gnawing his fare,
imagines equal to the burger
consumed without fanfare or flair.

But to know the true cost of a thing
one need only consider what’s lost;
in the case of the burger what’s missing
is the life of the bull who bore the cost.

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Righting of the Costa Concordia

by Jim Rapp
The “gleaming beauty” is aright again
slowly plying for the scrap heap
her rusting form justly linked in sin
with her faithless Captain’s creep
to safety masquerading in
a woman’s dress as women leapt
to certain death who could not swim.

A Rainy July Morning

(A Haiku Trio)
by Jim Rapp

You do all things well.
I’d rather watch Your rainfall
trace a window scene

than be a drudge, spell-
bound; a mental slave, enthrall
to a T.V. screen.

You do all things well;
Your faithful raindrops all
rush to make the scene.