Sunday, May 4, 2014

Our Final Resting Place

(Haiku Musings)
Moving on, seeking
our final resting place – we’re
partial to East Ridge.
I know, I know, it
sounds like a cemetery –
you know, like East Lawn.
Tired of ownership
we’re moving on with lighter
step, or will be soon.
Right now we’re sorting,
packing for a move, a sale,
and give-a-ways too.
We end each day with
heavy steps and aching bones,
taking strength, on loan
from younger men, who
bound where we can merely creep,
lift what age cannot.
We’ll get to East Ridge,
our final resting place here
on this weary earth,
And as for East Lawn,
we’ll skip it all together –
ashes to ashes, we.

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