Thursday, February 6, 2014

An Old-Fashioned Christmas Card

by Jim Rapp

Christmas cards – old-fashioned Christmas Cards
Depicting snowy roads – high-banked snowy roads
Are getting scarce – the paper kind we used to get are
Seldom sent these days – replaced by e-mail overload

But God – the maker of all things, especially Christmas
Has made, this year – at least up here where snow
Defines – is the very essence of Wisconsin Christmas-card-ness
A living – a drive-through, living Christmas show

The streets – the lawns, the fields, the whole wide world is white
The oaks – the elms, the ash lift snow-clad arms to heaven  
The pines – their branches laden with their diamond freight, fight
The wind – the thieving wind, to keep the gift that they’ve been given

And I, a child again – a simple snow adoring child again
Am awed that God – who surely has a thousand other climes to deck
Would stop – would lay aside His work and go to pains
To paint for me – a Christmas Card . . .yes, for me alone, I reck

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