Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Should I Join Facebook?

(A reply to an e-mail query)
by Jim Rapp

As an “over 70” sort of guy
I’m not up on all the latest fads,
but still, I find a lot of reasons why
I shouldn’t tag them all as bad. 

Because . . . 

The spell-checking wordprocessor’s
saved my butt a million times
with its squiggly red reminders
filling nearly every line.

 And when I’m stuck in no-no land
with a car that doesn’t want to run
it's nice to have a phone at hand
to save me walking in the cold or sun. 

And that GPS is the slickest thing around;
it can navigate at night or under rainy skies,
in heavy traffic and in unknown towns,
reading signs too faded for my failing eyes. 

The best of all the gadgets that I’ve got
Is the “Streamer” that connects my cell-phone
to my hearing aids, though I admit I’ve got
some wondering if I’m talking to my clone. 

However . . . 

Facebook doesn’t appeal to me;
nor does Skype – I’ve tried the latter.
It has nothing to do with technology;
it’s my “face” that makes me shudder. 

Still . . .  

When I think of all the sweat and inefficiency
of my father’s day, or even mine,
I thank the Lord for every modern ingenuity
that eases pain or saves some time.

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