Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Advent of the Promised Drone

by Jim Rapp

The prophet has spoken . . .

I heard just yesterday that drones
will soon deliver my Amazon
purchases – as soon as they have honed
the system. With all glitches gone,

at the FAA’s approved hour,
the skies will be lighted by a million,
or a million to the hundredth candle power,
as mini semis, an Amazon battalion,

with no human hand to steer,
no human eye to see,
will descend and drop their gear
precisely where it’s meant to be.

The prophecy is fulfilled . . .

Today I watched a “drone” in action,
pushing down our street a laden dolly,
piled high with boxes, often losing traction
on the icy sidewalk – losing boxes – what folly!

It was an auxiliary UPS delivery man.
On foot! Delivering,– as postmen did of yore –
packages disgorged from a fleeing van
to be hand-delivered, from the dolly, door to door.

I wanted so to roll my window down –
human kindness alone deterred me –
and ask if he was the Promised Drone;
the Amazon Messiah that we seek.

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