Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Spread the Joy!

by Jim Rapp

Merry Christmas!
It rolls from my lips
as easily as
God bless you.

I’m not surprised,
not even offended,
when merchants mute
their “holiday” greetings.

They are for-profit
enterprises; they must
please everyone,
offend no one.

We like it that way;
we all are for-profit
enterprisers; we all
earn our bread that way.

So get off the backs
of the money makers,
let them say it
anyway they wish.

They are not celebrating
the birth of a Savior,
they believe their
profits will save them.

But we who know
the blessed One
who came to bring
us everlasting treasure,

Say, “Merry Christmas!”
We have no axe to grind,
no buck to make, just joy
to share with one and all.

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