Monday, November 4, 2013

Leaving Good Enough Alone, Especially if it Isn't Yours

Grieving the Uses of BG
by Jim Rapp

BG has spoken – spoken well – spoken truth.
His cords once strong and filled with youth –
ringing unafraid, undefiled, and couth –
now frail with age can barely move.

But electronics serve to prop an old man up,
keep him speaking long beyond his years;
speaking long since his words, now served up
in fragments, bring spirit-meaning to our ears.

BG no longer hears the call of God anew
but those who need his name are not averse
to keeping the ruse alive, whatever they must do;
ghost write a book, create a film, or worse

insinuate their will and plans into his will,
speak “in his name” and make the claim,
though voice and body fails, he’s speaking still.
But not, alas, with prophet voice of BG fame.

Oh lord, preserve your servant’s legacy;
preserve the decades spent in service willingly
against the thieves who, stealing stealthily,
would leave only badly muddled memories.

Don’t Mess with my Words:
Still Thinking of What They Are Doing To BG
by Jim Rapp 

I don’t care what your motive is.

You may wish I had said something
      I purposely chose not to say,
or regret that I said something
      you wish I hadn’t said.
You may be embarrassed
      at my uncouth words,
distressed at my punctuation,
tempted to enhance my legacy
      by “cleaning up” my work.

You may simply want to erase
      all memory of me.
(Good luck. That’s been tried before.)

If the Author of my words,
      the One in whom I live
      and breathe
      and have my being,
      deems them worthy of     
      continuation all you do
      will only cause them to
      live longer.

But just leave them lie, please.

I’ll stand before the Great Judge
      and give account
      for every word spoken
      or written –
even every thought.

I don’t need you tampering with them
      in the interim.

So when I am gone,
      keep your hands off my words.
Let them speak to you
      from where they lie,
or not speak to you at all.

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