Monday, August 5, 2013

An ism With a Father’s Heart

by Jim Rapp

How do we define patriotism?
Is it defined by the amount of money given
by fat cats to support their favorite “ism,”
or by the years some poor doke rots in prison?

No, it is not a matter of the pocketbook,
not the domain of shades and crooks,
not the way one spins an issue’s look,
not even ventures operated by the book.

Patriotism – take the word apart –
is an “ism” with a father’s heart,
seeking all the good that it can start,
to benefit the family in all its varied parts.

The family in all its great variety;
all races, creeds, states, and ideologies,
living, working, co-existing peacefully,
with the pater’s benediction, patriotically.
Patriot: from Greek pater, father

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