Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Spider Lives

by Jim Rapp

A tiny little spider life
summarily smudged out
leaving an almost imperceptible
smear on the computer screen
engendered contemplation of
a spider’s place
in the scheme of creation.

Ten thousand spiders crowd a square
and in their pride make claim
to be significant
demanding that another  spider
whom they hate
be smudged out so that yet
another can be given place.

Two spiders meet
in a gated town
on a dark and rainy street
each supposing each to be his enemy
each “stands his ground” –
the spider with the stronger
venom wins, smudging out his foe.

Three hundred spiders
crowded in a steel cocoon
drift across an ocean
to crash to earth
sparing some
maiming some
smudging out the unlucky few.

Oh You who sees the sparrow fall
who grows the lily tall
who counts the hairs on
balding heads
show us You’re aware
and that You care
that tiny spiders die.

Do you not know that I
who spun the web of galaxies
came to your spiders’ world
in spider form
and faced the rage
of spider hate
to save your spider race?

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