Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Touched By An Angel In A Shirt Too Small

by Jim Rapp

He had a perpetually un-telling smile,
a shirt buttoned top and bottom,
two buttons each, and all the while
he stood as though accustomed
to the company he sought to join.

An angel unaware?
With belly shining though?
He seemed not at all to care
that no one present knew
he wished, our group to join.

When asked if he had come
to be a part of our three-tabled band
– as if to make himself at home –
he smilingly, unspeakingly, sought a place to land;
not too good, apparently, a clan like ours to join.

Once seated his tongue was freed;
And H, whom rumor has it, had invited him,
became the target of his screed;
poor H could hardly get a sentence in;
our “angel” kept a one-way conversation going.

Though most had finish their eggs or cakes
he caught up soon; “Two eggs over hard, please.”
The whites separated and downed in one take;
the yolks smothered in catsup, each a double squeeze;
two gulps each – they never knew where they were going.

“Be not forgetful to entertain strangers,” we’re told;
“for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”
He may be one – an angel, I mean – but I make bold,
in light of his dress, demeanor, and mysterious smile, to declare,
he’s one of the strangest strangers that heaven has going.

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