Friday, June 28, 2013

A Wannabe Writer, Musing without His Muse

June is ending and I’m feeling some pressure to put up one more entry in this blog. There is so much that one could ruminate about. There is always politics. There are crises at home and abroad. There are ethical questions that cry out for answers. And there will never be an end to the theological discussions one could venture into.

I could post a poem but my muse is on vacation. At least that seems to be the case. He – she – I’m not sure of the gender – has been very patient with me over the years. When ideas come for a poem or a blog piece I should jot them down so I can return to them when the time is available. Sadly I seldom do.

But occasionally my muse, patient soul that he/she is, catches me with time on my hands and strength to hold my head up, and delivers an inspiration that results in something written. Then the reader of my blog is subjected to it. That obviously hasn’t happened for some time now.

Now, if my muse were also a masseur or masseuse it might make me more attentive. Or perhaps put me to sleep. But if he/she could relieve the pain in my back it might clear the fog in my brain. I can’t recall when I’ve not had some back discomfort but there are times when it is elevated to the point of distraction and then I become a grouchy old bear. Not pleasant to be around I’m sure. No wonder the muse has chosen this time to desert me.

My problem began when I was in Jr. High School. I was already at my full growth of six feet tall and appeared, I imagine, to be strong and healthy. So, when the need arose to lift a piano from the stage at the end of the gymnasium and lower it to the gym floor I was called upon, along with a number of other tall, strong appearing boys to do the job. I felt the strain in my back immediately but, being young and strong, said nothing and did nothing about it. I had heard the words “I’ll sue you!” shouted during arguments among the neighbors on our block but the thought never occurred to me that my injury would be permanent or that anyone in particular should bear the blame for it.

So my poor muse is stuck with a wannabe writer with occasional intense lower back pain that makes him wannabe babied. It must be difficult to try to inspire such a one. I understand the need to get away. Perhaps he/she has found a more likely subject; more talented and certainly more attentive and efficient. I wouldn’t blame my muse for deserting me.

I have an appointment with a podiatrist in two weeks. (Why a podiatrist I have no idea; it ain’t my foot that’s hurting.) I called a week ago and got on the schedule but the earliest they could see me was July 9th. And they say “Obamacare” may result in delayed treatment? We’ve had it for some time already, folks. But there . . . I’m about to venture into politics and that gives me a pain in the back – the head too. I’ll not go there.

If my muse is reading this I hope he/she sees how dependent I am and will return soon. I promise to start taking notes and to follow up on every good idea he/she gives me.

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