Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Mark of the Beast

by Jim Rapp

e are tempted
to live a lie –
we being you and I –
we being residents
of Babylon.

ardens of freedom,
who imprison,
without trial,
fellow humans
snatched from
foreign streets
in fear –
our fear of them;
their fear of us –
with no evidence
to convict them;
with no plan to
ever restore
their freedoms.

roponents of peace,
who bomb and strafe
the world with
sanitary drones
and aimed
from antiseptic
command posts
a world away from
demolished homes –
from scattered bones –
of innocents
whose place,
whose peace,
they shatter.

evotees of
high capacity gods,
who arm ourselves
with lethal force
and vow to die
defending rights
that neither God
nor man
has granted –
the right of
every man to
be a justice
of the peace;
every man an
executioner –
belying our most
pious boast:
“In God We Trust”.

e are tempted
to live a lie –
we being you and I;
profiting from
partaking of
consenting to
Babylon’s lies,
we are tempted
to wear
Babylon’s brand
upon our hand
and brow;
to say,
“We’ve found
our home, we
play our harps,
in Babylon.”

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