Sunday, April 14, 2013


by Jim Rapp

At the age of four his aspiration
was to be, no less, a woman evangelist.
Now content he is, in resignation,
A blog to write – evangelizing still, I guess.

At ten his hopes and wishes, his ambition,
was to be a major leaguer – at first base.
Climbing up the stairs is now, by definition,
“major league” – wheezing at snail’s pace.

For years he strove in constant agitation,
trying just to “make the grade”; to pay the bills,
propelled by just enough acceleration
to haul the load and climb the next day’s hills.

Now, in dotage, he's developed reservations.
Various wrecks have served as object lessons.
Better far, he thinks, to yield to others' aspirations;
Driving slowly now, he sighs – the tension lessens.

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