Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Song of the Oak at Winter’s End

by Jim Rapp
We debated fourteen years ago
if we should let that pine tree grow
so close to the deck; the oak would go
for sure; its scrawny branches, hanging low,
would be a nuisance for certain.

The pine has repaid our mercies many fold;
we’ve watch a family of blue birds hatch and molt;
seen it host a host of winter driven snows;
caught its dewy needles basking in the morning’s glow,
And rested ‘neath its cool pine-scented curtain.

And today the oak has paid its long-owed debt;
the stubborn leaves that winter’s wind had let,
chattered in frigid pre-spring winds that met
to rob it’s winter hoard, but all the wind could get
today was “song” – a rattling, rustling , resurrection song –
           Again! Again! And yet again.

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