Sunday, March 3, 2013

Emigrante: On Earth without a Green Card

by Jim Rapp

(The Mustard Seed Migration)

Thinking they were no longer here –
a breed long dead; unable to adapt
to empirical realities of our day –
we dropped them from our view.

But suddenly we find them everywhere;
alive, so numerous they are apt
to overturn our verities and lay
our fallacies in open view.

Crushed by tyrant ideologies,
Hushed by rival faiths’ intolerance,
Scorned by intellectual sophisticates,
Ignored by pleasure seeking masses,

A million souls inscribed in martyrologies
witness to the saints’ endurance;
a thousand thousand-bodied army replicates
Golgotha’s bloody malice as it passes.

But now, in Africa, China, India, Brazil –
in Moscow and Siberian Russia too –
emerging from their murky underground
behold, two billion faith-full souls . . . and growing.

Inheritors of the earth – indigenous – aboriginal – still
claiming every soil their rightful place to be and do.
The mustard seeds have sprouted. They abound!
Their growth is sure and shows no signs of slowing.

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