Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Poem For Everyman

by Jim Rapp



Wow! It is exhausting, writing serious stuff like that. I hope the reader will excuse the classical references and particularly the uncouth language in line three. I felt it needed to be there to lend realism to the poem. Although I included a veiled Biblical reference in the final line I didn’t intend the poem to have particular religious significance. It is mainly a comic dirge. I expect the ordinary man (or woman) to struggle a bit with it but the literary critics will know immediately what I’m attempting to do, even if their interpretations are all over the map, varying from seeing it as a sexual fantasy to a deep religious meditation. I do, however, reserve the poet’s right to revise if I see, in the future, a way to make it more sophisticated (obscure) without destroying its core element which is truthfulness.

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