Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who Is To Blame When Things Go Terribly Wrong?

The Source of Good and Evil
By Jim Rapp
To be given only the “choice” to be good
would be no choice; would lock the way
to freedom so, even if we would,
We could not take evil Pleasure’s way.

We would be like the beasts around us,
hounding and hounded, predator and prey;
driven by desire and cunning to thus
increase our territorial sway.

But, beasts only we would be,
made in no higher image than our own,
serving no purpose than to be –
defined by our instinctual zone.

By a wisdom far beyond our ken –
for a purpose we can only guess –
thoughtful thinkers we’ve been
made to be; aware of awareness, no less,

spelling freedom for our kind.
     Knowing good and evil – knowing
     which is which – stands the mindful Mind,
     the Source, its good and evil ever flowing.

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