Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where Have I Been?

A friend of mine has taken on several volunteer assignment in his retirement days, serving as a worker in his church’s youth program and doing various tasks for the Feed My Children program in his community. He illustrates both the luxury of retirement and, paradoxically, the irony of retirement. On the side of “luxury” he has the time to devote to causes that he believes in but, on the side of “irony” he is locked in to those duties by his strong sense of obligation and sometimes finds himself unable to be fully retired; i.e. fully able to direct his time.

A couple of years ago a fellow writer (a female “fellow”) told me of the blog that she had established. It sounded interesting so I pursued it and The Cottage On The Moor was born. It has been a wonderful outlet for me to express things I’m thinking about; even things I’m “stewing about” as my mother used to say. But I’m finding myself caught in the same paradox that my friend is in; having the “luxury” of retirement which allows me to write, but some days having to violate my sense of obligation because of more pressing duties, or because I simply lack the energy to write as well as I want to. (It does take energy to think and write at the highest level one is capable of.)

When The Cottage On The Moor was born it was my intention to write one piece per day for at least the first year. I guess I had a lot of pent up ideas, so I was able – barely – to accomplish that goal. Then I decided that I would try to post at least a couple of times a week. I’ve been able to do that most weeks. But I’ve found that there were stretches covering several days, or a couple of weeks, in which I either lacked the time, inspiration, or energy to write. This last week a stay in the hospital interrupted my good intentions and lengthened the gap between blog entries.

But there may be an upside to my recent interruption. Perhaps my encounter with the wonderful people who cared for me during my time in the hospital will provide the subject for an essay or two.

Meanwhile, I’m glad to be back in circulation again. The world became enfolded in a deep blanket of snow while I was “away” so it is a good time to renew the invitation to visit The Cottage On The Moor when you are in the neighborhood. I’ll have a “cup of warm” for you as often as I can. If you don’t find a fresh cup there will be something there you can re-warm if you like.

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