Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is Anybody Listening?

Brevity – Extreme Brevity – is the Soul of Wit
by Jim Rapp
Have you tried to tell a tale,
an anecdote, an incident,
that requires half-a-dozen
lines to tell;

Tried to tell it quick and well,
knowing that the accident
of having two or three to cozen –
or to truthfully compel –

Is a one-time opportunity that fell
into your life coincident
with remembering a long frozen
tale that you’d like to thaw and tell;

Knew to choose your phrases well,
be brief, concise, diffident –
still your “moment in the sun”
“melted” quicker than the words
       you hoped to tell?

A yawn, an eye averted, was enough to tell
you that your story’d been short shrifted;
that as few as a half-a-dozen
was one too many lines to try to tell.

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