Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Taxing Times

                    Taxing Times
                          by Jim Rapp

The rich have always taxed the poor
but thirty years ago – a little more –
a trickster said, “Give me your vote; I’ll close that door.”

His words were resonant; they struck a chord,
and since, all politicians use that cry to reach the hoard,
securing, best they can, their room and board.

Now, no politician dare suggest that we should pay
for all the things demanded of our government, for they
can surely be procured in other simpler ways.

Hand them off to private enterprise to do.
The fees they charge are taxes – higher taxes – too,
but none of which the politician’s strictly party to.

Put them on the public “credit card”. Hey,
we’ll let our children and their children pay;
have our cake, and let them “eat it” on another day.

Now, spineless politicians try to pit
the poorer class against the rich; suggesting it
is only fair to make the wealthy bite the bit.

And sure, they should be pulling all their share,
but so should all who benefit be made to bear;
from each according to the way they fare.

These are taxing times – times to bare our souls;
times when politicians need pull their heads from holes
they’ve stuffed them in and banish all loopholes.

It’s time to pay!
Time for rich and poor to pay.
There is no other way;
It’s time to pay!

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