Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Am Pro-Walker

It might surprise some people to know that I’m not anti-Walker. Governor Scott Walker, and many others whose policies I oppose are human beings and, as such are creations of God no less worthy of concern for their intrinsic worth and wellbeing than am I. So it would be wrong for me to denigrate Scott Walker, the man. I am pro-Scott Walker. I wish him the best which, defined, is a life lived with integrity and compassion for his fellow man.

But I am anti-Walkerism, that combination of attitude and policy that pushes aside consideration of any point of view but his own; that seeks counsel only from the privileged and powerful to the detriment of all others. There are hardly any initiatives that Governor Walker has put forth that I find acceptable. On their face they nearly all work to the benefit of the wealthy supporters who helped him achieve the office of governor and who are working to keep him in that office.

Further, the private statements – previously private but increasingly being made public – of Governor Walker, regarding his willingness to “divide and conquer” those whom he perceives as obstacles to his objectives reveals an approach to politics that I believe is antithetical to good governance. A good politician seeks to unify and lead, not divide and conquer.

Finally it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Governor, even before running for the office he now holds, surrounded himself with people whose scruples are so weak, or non-existent, that they will conspire to deceive the public, use positions of public trust to undermine the very public they are pledged to serve, and even engage in raw graft for personal gain. While no direct links between the illegal activities of the governor’s former aids and the governor himself have been conclusively shown, the mere fact that he sat within feet of those activates and his body was penetrated by the wireless waves of the illegal internet system his associates set up to support his political career at taxpayer expense either indicate complicity or unimaginable blindness.

No, I am pro-Walker. I want the man to be what he claims his parents raised him to be – a good scout. I want him to forsake the deceptions that have served him in his rise to political prominence and promote truth at any cost to his personal advancement. I want him to be a credit to the faith that he claims, to the family that he is head of, and to any organization with which he associates in the future. I want him to reach the end of his life with a conscience clear of deceit, with a record of service to society unsurpassed by any politician.

But I am anti-Walkerism, and as long as he pursues the course of deceptions now becoming public, and the destructive, divisive policies he is currently pursuing, I want him out of office.

I think of another man whose political philosophy was not that different than Governor Walker’s, Chuck Colson. As a close advisor to President Nixon he became embroiled in the Ellsberg break-in (and the Watergate Affair) and ended up imprisoned for his devious life. But he turned his life around and died a few weeks ago a respected man who spent a career helping others who were going down the path he had gone. I wish for Scott Walker that kind of “conversion” and that kind of ending to his life and career.

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