Tuesday, May 1, 2012

      Alpha and Omega
             by Jim Rapp

In the beginning was the word,
A gift to adam from the Word.
The word was all that adam had,
No alphabet, no tablet, no stylus;
Just the word, spoken once;
Sent to dissipate into the air.

No need for erasers then,
The wind erased each word;
Chased both hate and love
Into oblivion, leaving
Fading human memory
To cherish or to rue
What now our race records
On stone and parchment,
Film and tape and chips.

But In the end again
There’ll be no word;
Just word-shaped voids
Within the air,
Or worn symbols once
Scribed on broken stones
And crumbling scrolls;
Faded faces, with voices
Incomprehensible, stored on
Outdated films and tapes and chips.
All that’s left – uttered once,
In languages since dead,
Will dissipate like ancient words
Spoken into air.

And time will be no more.

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