Monday, April 9, 2012

An Unholy War, Waged by Unholy Warriors

According to a report Monday, in the New York Times, Karl Rove’s superPAC is preparing to give former Governor Mitt Romney “cover” during the next few months while he rebuilds his coffers for the contest against President Obama in the fall. They will run 200 million dollars worth of negative ads smearing the President while Mr. Romney courts the wealthy in multi-thousand dollar per plate fund-raising banquets. I can hardly wait until the superPAC ads begin.

Meanwhile, another report in the Monday edition of the Times indicates that Mr. Romney is temporarily suspending his negative ads against Mr. Santorum in the Pennsylvania primary while Mr. Santorum’s daughter, Bella, is in the hospital. The ads started to run this morning but then his campaign thought better of it and suspended them until Bella is released, which could occur as early as this evening.

Are we to believe that Mr. Romney pulled the negative ads because he believed running them would affect the health of a pre-teen child in the hospital? Hardly. I doubt that she would be watching them on TV. It is all about perception. It is about presenting a winning image to the voters. This primary campaign has highlighted the fact that ALL of the candidates in the recent primaries will do – or cease to do – anything if they think it will enhance their image before the voters.

In the interim, while Mr. Santorum’s daughter is in the hospital, the Romney campaign will substitute for the negative ads they would like to run, others presenting Mr. Romney as a conservative candidate. In other words they will spin their wheels for a while, running positive ads. Imagine that. What a waste of money! I didn’t say “truthful ads”. Just non-attack ads – for a day or two.

The candidates should be running ads, all the time, so truthful, so positive, so informative that no change of circumstance in their lives, in the lives of their opponents, or in the course of events surrounding the election would require a “change of tone.”

If Mr. Romney were completely suspending his campaigning out of consideration that his opponent will be sidelined for a while, attending to the health of his child, that would be a magnanimous gesture. But to simply change to “rubber bullets,” and keep firing away, reveals the hypocrisy of his actions.

I can only hope that those such as Mr. Rove with his superPAC, and Mr. Romney with his chameleon ads, will go down in blazing defeat this fall, and that all they will have accomplished by the hundreds of millions of dollars they, and they fellow PAC operators, have spent will be to have given a boost to the advertizing industry.

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