Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mission Accomplished

A year ago, when I started The Cottage on the Moor blog I made a commitment to myself that I would attempt to post something new every day for one year. I’ve exceeded that goal a little bit and I may continue posting something nearly every day. But I’m going to allow myself to be silent on those days when I’m struggling too hard to find something to say, or those days when my aging body and brain are crying for some rest.

So if you look, and don’t find anything new for a particular day, don’t write me off as dead. Just check back later that day or the next day. Of course you can feel free to browse through the archives too.

I would not have met my goal without my poetry, both items from the past and new pieces from time to time. And the inspiration to try some Haiku has provided me with a quick way to express an idea that I didn’t have time to develop fully. It, and other brief forms of poetry, are wonderful ways for one to force oneself to condense thoughts that otherwise tend to wander, graze, and become bloated.

The blog has given me the occasion to share parts of my life that I had never committed to writing before. I hope those will be of interest to my children and, of course, others too. It is my hope that I’ll be able to expand upon that aspect of my writing.

Another area of passion with me is, of course, my faith walk. As an Evangelical Christian (though one that is constantly embarrassed by others who claim the title) theology and Bible study have always been important to me. I hope the attempts to elucidate various Bible passages and stories have been helpful to those who’ve read them. Writing them has been helpful to me. I’ll plan to continue along that line too. Mostly I’m hopeful that my work in these areas is an honor to, and a faithful representation of my Jesus Christ whom I serve.

Anyone who is regular reader of my blog knows that I am a follower of the political scene. I doubt that I would be so much involved were it not for the fact that a large part of the Evangelical Church has become attached at the hip to conservative politics; more specifically, to the Republican Party. I am aware that I harp on the sins of Republicans and their Evangelical hip-mates more than I do the Democrats. But much of that is due to the attempt on the part of those people to claim a corner on righteousness and demonize those to their left, as Senator Mitch McConnell did today at the CPAC meeting in Washington, calling the Democrats in Congress “liberal thugs.” As long as those who claim to be my brothers and sisters in faith continue to speak with that kind of vituperation, I’ll be pointing it out, declaring it unChrist-like, and condemning it.

Finally, in all of my writing I find myself working often in a “prophetic” mode. Not the kind of prophecy that peers into the future and predicts calamity but the kind of prophet – the kind most prevalent in the pages of Scripture – who peers into the present behaviors of mankind (and the Church in particular) and attempts to speak for God regarding them. I am not alone. There are many fine “prophetic” voices in our society and not all of them are coming from a Christian tradition. But to the extent that they decry inequity and call for repentance they are in the tradition of prophets that I would be glad to be associated with. Count on that theme continuing.

So, it has been a year of pleasure most of the time. There are many times, however, when I’ve dreaded to post a piece for fear that I was wrong on the facts, muddled in my logic, motivated by self-interest, or that I would appear unfairly partisan. I guess I’ll take my chances and hope that any who think I’m out of line will challenge me. I don’t enter into dialogue within the blog, but I welcome comments, and will post all that are respectful of the people and ideas they speak to. I also, often respond directly to the person commenting.

This is not “good-bye” but there may be a day or so, now and then, when you’ll not find the coffee as fresh as you are used to finding it. Sorry, but as I get older, the “price” of coffee keeps going up.

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