Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Missing Winter In Wisconsin

Winter has had a hard time coming in Wisconsin this year. It isn’t too late for it to bury us or send our temperatures plummeting but things aren’t looking good.

One of the attractions of moving from Central Illinois to, first Minneapolis, and then Western Wisconsin was the winters. Though I do nothing with snow but shovel (or blow) it, I nonetheless love it and never seem to get enough.

This poem, written by my mother in the early 1970s, indicates that she too found some charm in a good winter storm – unless it began to get out of hand. The poem also reveals what I now know, that Illinois, and other central states, can have some pretty impressive storms.

Many of Mom’s best poems were written to serve as sample poems in contests that she sponsored. She would create a model and others would submit their best poem of that style. Then Mom would judge them and announce the winners. The one printed below was one she submitted in another poet's contest and was awarded 1st Prize.

         (Scallop Pattern)
By Rena Faye (Kennerly) Rapp

I view
The swirling leaves,
And hear the wolf–wind blow;
The birds, foreseeing snow,
Take to the eves
On cue.

I close
The shutters tight,
And pile the firewood high;
The dog, the cat, and I,
Mark time tonight,
And doze,

A sudden blast
Rattles a window pane;
I bolt upright again,
To sit aghast –
Awarded 1st prize in Scallop Contest.  Published in Tejas, January 1970.

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