Wednesday, February 15, 2012

      Luna, It’s Time We Talked

Luna, I wish I could talk to you.
How many languages do you know?
Each month you hover over – listen to –
Six billion joys or sorrows where you go.

And even more, for you must surely know
the coo or cry a hundred billion sentient creatures make
while burrowing beneath your moonlit scenes of snow
or basking under balmy warmth provided for their sakes.

Do you and Sol discuss our world?
He sees one side of us while you,
Borrowing his light, slowly twirl,
Lighting and surveying every view.

You’ve been earth’s chaperone since long
before a human eye looked heavenward
or human mind devised a song
to sing in praise of golden light outpoured.

You saw an earth our Maker said was good,
and, through millennia, you’ve watched
its goodnesses attacked as man stood,
triumphal over every hill and fruitful swatch.

You know the arguments we cycle through;
some assuming you and Sol are pleased
by progressive things you see us humans do;
some assured you see an earth, abused, diseased.

It would be nice to know what you two know.
But you may be as ignorant as we –
as “in the dark” as we – despite the show
of knowing brightness that each day and night we see.

Still, I’d like to talk to you, my Luna-friend.
Old Sol is far too hot – too hard to comprehend.
But you might find a way to set my heart at ease;
just tell me; what’s the plan to cure our earth’s disease.

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