Sunday, February 26, 2012

         by Jim Rapp

 Arrogance declares,
“I AM your man, vote for me.”
Believe it not, friend;

He is sold for gold;
the highest bidder gets him.
You are not that rich!

When you hear him say,
“I AM this; I AM That,” run
for all you are worth;

A lightning bolt may
flash from heaven at his lie;
stay a safe distance.

Only one “I AM”
is worthy of your trust – and
His “I AMs” are true;

All other claimants
are no less than anti-Christ;
braggards, full of lust.

The great I AM comes,
meek and riding on an ass,
not braying loudly

As an elephant
or ass is wont to do – both
creatures “hatched in hell.”

Bow to none who boast,
“I AM,” but stand with all who
bow before I AM.

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