Monday, January 16, 2012

January Thoughts of Dandelions

I saw the pretty girls, in their spring dresses at the church, one Sunday morning long ago. They were making huge bouquets of Dandelions. It makes one know that even such a pesky "weed" as that can fill a child's eye with beauty and inspire in them a wish to share that beauty with someone they love.

              Golden Blossoms
                  by Jim Rapp

I found a little golden flower
That claimed she was a weed;
Born to grace a field for one brief hour;
Born from humble peasant seed.

But I picked her blossom anyway
To show my mother love.
She said my gift had made her day;
That blooms like that are from above.

Dandelions, some have said,
Are blossoms, peasant-made.
But I will choose their goldenness ahead
Of other fronds that fill the glade.

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