Tuesday, January 3, 2012

                         If and But
       (A Meditation on the “Arab Spring”)
                        by Jim Rapp

If you buy a man his freedom
with your blood,
he will be free for a day;
but if he buys it with his own,
he will never be un-free again.

If American dollars could buy freedom,
let our dollars flow to Tahrir Square.
If American guns could achieve it,
let them fire without ceasing.
If American blood could grow
a crop of freedom, let it be sown
in every non-free land.

But Egyptian blood alone can buy
Egyptian freedom,
only Iraqi blood, Iraqi freedom,
only Syrian blood, Syrian freedom.
The tyranny of brother over brother,
brother over sister, will be broken
when brothers and sisters refuse
to be slaves to their brother.

Present horrors pay the price
of future freedom.
Tyrants rage and youthful blood is flowing.
History will redeem the blood of martyrs;
under the weight of their bloody tyranny,
tyrants will be crushed.

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