Sunday, January 8, 2012

          How Long?
           by Jim Rapp

How long, O Lord,
have You been saving us?

Since Eden’s splendor
was effaced?
Since Your likeness
was defaced
and adam’s sons
began to trace
a trail of blood
in every place
their wayward
footsteps paced?

How long, O Lord,
have you been saving us?

Since the Spirit placed You
in the Virgin’s womb?
Since, in Bethlehem,
You came and found no room?
Since You walked in our
bedeviled sanatorium?
Since, our disease,
in death You’ve borne?
Since You rose
victorious from the tomb?
Since ascending
to Your Father’s home?

How long, O Lord,
have You been saving us?
Since before
the worlds were formed,
You saw –
You were forewarned –
that we would stand,
this day, forlorn,
helplessly and
hopelessly sin-torn;
in need of grace
to be re-born.

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